Are Your Employees Getting Disengaged And Disconnected Due To Remote/Hybrid Work?

Are You Fretting Over Diminished Team Morale And Motivation?

How Can You Better Engage And Communicate With Your Remotely-Based Team Members ?

According to a research by Upwork, titled “The Future Workforce Report”, 73% of all teams will have remote employees by 2028 due to the influx of Millennials and Gen Z Managers in the coming years.

In another annual survey by FlexJobs in 2019, 73% of respondents ranked “Work-life Balance” an d “Flexible Work Options” as the most important factors in staying with their employer, above things like career progression, vacation time, and company reputation.

How Then Do We Keep Employees Engaged, Connected And High-Performing In This Exponentially Changing Landscape?

Tap into the new science of success: EMERGENETICS

Developed by Dr. Geil Browning, the Emergenetics Profile aids in achieving the following:


Enables Teams To Leverage On Their Cognitive Diversity To RAISE PRODUCTIVITY

ELIMINATE UNWANTED Workplace CONFLICTS That Drain Us Emotionally

Catch a Glimpse of Our Virtual Workshop

*In-Person Sessions Available Too!*

“When one thinks of a virtual training workshop, no one would suggest it to be conducted as a full-day, 8-hour format.

But Right Impact did and they did it with such interactivity and with such high engagement levels for our recent Emergenetics programmes.

Using a myriad of digital platforms and tools, they were were able to hold the participants’ attention for the entire 8 hours! And quite unbelievably, the evaluation results from all the sessions so far have been stellar.

Thank you and keep up your unique strength in experiential learning whether as an in-person session or in the digital domain.”

Ms Christine Cheng
Learning & Development Manager
NCS Pte Ltd

Here at RIGHT IMPACT, we kickstart the process of converting information and knowledge into practical applications at the workplace.

And in this current time and age, we leverage on a myriad of online team collaboration tools in delivering our signature Emergentics workshop to the doorsteps; or rather screens, of your employees – still fun, still engaging and nothing short of an experiential learning session!

Participants Will Take Away From The Remote Workshop With:

A Renewed Understanding Of Themselves And Their Teams

A Stronger Shared Team Identity

A Scientific Base Of The Team’s Thinking And Behavioural Strengths And Gaps

Practical Know-How Of Working And Communicating Effectively As A Remote/Hybrid Team

Immediate Strategies To Make Their Next
Brainstorming Meeting 10X More Productive

And More…

“Despite the diverse personalities within the group, there are much for each to offer and all can complement one another within a team setting to achieve common organisation goals with no harboured prejudices.

The standard of the online facilitator has been superb and most effective. Not only did he articulate clearly the psychometric test concept and the intended workshop deliverables, he also guided the small group of participants to participate actively, and the selected series of activities helped to enhance everyone’s learning experience. There were no dull moments despite having to run the entire workshop online due to the COVID-19 situation.

Right Impact has been great and I thank them for their commitment.”

Ms Pauline Ho
Deputy Director, Office of Global Education and Mobility
Student and Academic Services Department
Nanyang Technological University

Check Out Our Programme Evaluation Results And Feedback

“The virtual Emergenetics workshop was a huge hit with our company’s management trainees. I would recommend it as a powerful employee onboarding programme for any organisation that is seeking a solution for new hires to understand the cognitive diversity of a workforce quickly.

The engaging presentations, group discussions and online collaboration tools had also made the full-day session efficient and fun. Thank you.”

Ms Candy Chng
Head of Learning & Development
Singapore’s Largest Supermarket Chain

Some Of Our Clients Who Have
Onboarded With Us On This Programme


with us for a glimpse into our remote yet engaging Emergenetics programme!

P.S. if your intended participants are based in Singapore,
we can definitely conduct the programme in person as well.
Let us know.